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DeFi Yield Technologies Inc. has developed an easy-to-use suite of automated, diversified, and optimized yield generating products in DeFi which are administered through our partner platform, .

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Yield Made Simple

We work hard so you don’t have to!

The team at DeFi Yield is constantly reviewing new and existing yield opportunities to add to the optimization engine and new strategies to build into vaults. This saves you the time of hunting for the best yields and makes your crypto work for you.

Yield Engine

The Yield Engine is an automated, diversified and active strategy for generating DeFi yield that leverages different DeFi protocols and strategies to increase diversification, maximize yield, and minimize risk.

DeFi Yield Strategy

DeFi Contract Pre-selection
(Risk vs Reward)

Yield Optimization Strategy


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Small Cap

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Low Vol

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Diversification Made Simple

We work hard so you don’t have to!

The team at DeFi Yield is constantly analyzing new and existing investment strategies to maintain and add to the strategy engine. Saving you time and making your crypto work for you.

Meta Engine

Our Meta Engine and Vaults will allow anyone to easily gain diversified exposure to the crypto markets with four unique and diversified Meta Vault Strategies: trend-following, small cap, low-volatility and value. Each strategy has shown unique performances during the bull and bear markets and contribute different returns in multiple market conditions.

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Our Team

Dr. Philipp Kallerhoff
Director, CEO & CIO

Tom Kineshanko

Matthew Shaw

William Milne
CFO & Corporate Counsel

Jean-Marc Goldsmith
Business Development

Tristan Litré


Charles St. Louis

COO at Element Finance
Former MakerDAO Governance Architect

Freddie Farmer

DeFi Advisor and Investor
Former Head of DeFi at Wintermute

Matthias Bachmann

DeFi Strategy Advisor
Former Product Architect at Glassnode